Writer & Author

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. I am now officially a published writer and author. I have been writing since I learned to write in the first grade. And, I’ve always been told that I have a special knack for inspiring people with my written words. I’ve written poems, short stories, community and church newsletter articles, songs, an epitaph once, and numerous quotes. But, this is the first time I’ve published a book. It took me, along with the help of my artist and seven “readers,” just over a year to write and get through the publishing process. This included establishing an LLC (Limited Liability Company) to publish my books under. Yes, there will be more books, despite those daunting times when the process seemed so slow and so plodding.

So, how do I feel? Excited. Nervous. Happy. Content. Adventurous. Motivated. The real work begins now. And so, the reason for all the tumultuous emotions. It’s time to market my current book in all the social mediums which I can learn and engage with. And, it’s time to continue the next book. Both while continuing to hold down a full-time job and manage to live in two places, as my husband and I transition from our current home to our place of retirement. It’s a challenge that keeps me hopping. So, come about nine o’clock each evening, I find myself needing to shut down, so that I can grab a few moments to reflect on what has been accomplished during my day, what was forgotten and still needs to be done the next day, and maybe even what needs to just be let go of.

To purchase my current book, just check out my books page, and click on the link provided. Whatever you do, thank you for taking time to read it, gift it or pass it on. I wish you all the best in your life. Keep reading and keep being safe out there.

Written: July 19, 2020

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