Books in 2022

How long will it take me to read this stack of books?

Reading in 2022 is going rather well. On January 10, I started reading my third book for the year. I expect to have it read and a review done by the end January. We shall see!

As I finish a book and publish each review, I’ll be updating this page. I hope you will enjoy these book pages, and possibly find a book which you’ll love reading as much as I have.

Please note: Full reviews are available online where the books are available for view (usually Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BAM!, and Goodreads).


J.F. Aguilar

Genre: Fiction; young adult.

My Review: A coming of age story with a twist…. “For You, For Me, For Us” is the first Youth/Young Adult genre I have read in years. From beginning to end, it is mind- and heart-capturing. Not many stories make me cry, but this one got me. It is a book not only of young love and hopes and dreams but of discipline and determination and integrity. Jason is an oldest, off to college, and on his own for the first time in his young life. He has a dream and sets his sights on accomplishing not only membership in a favorite fraternity, but also in winning the hand and honor of the girl of his dreams – the girl with the pretty eyes. Will he achieve his goals? Will their new love last? Or will a bad feeling on both their parts spell the end? You will want to read this short, but power-packed, story to learn the quirky way these two met, how they support one another, and if they get to share their love into the future.


Melissa Gould

Genre: Nonfiction; memoir.

Best take-away: A short bio with personal history, key achievements, or an interesting fact.

My Review: Every person who has lost a partner should read this memoir…. Widowish was a fast-paced, gripping and compelling story of loss, love, and life after. I was amazed at how Melissa was able to come through the storm of her loss to a place of renewal and self-discovery. And being that I lost my daddy when he was 50 and I was 17 1/2, I could relate just a little bit to her daughter, Sophie. I kept waiting for her cool façade to crack, just as mine had about a year after my daddy’s passing. I was happy to read how they both, as wife and daughter, came to that place of realization that Joel would always be with them – in mind, heart, and spirit. It was an honor and privilege to share in reading and pseudo-experiencing Melissa’s story. It was good to finish out her memoir knowing that she was able to find a new love who felt comfortable with letting her continue to hold her first love close to her core – always.

My 2022 Current TBR Pile

Currently, I am reading, “Annie and the Wolves,” by Andromeda Romano-Lax. I’ve been interrupted a lot lately, but hope to make up for it real soon.

Thank you for following along with me on this reading journey. I’m curious where it will take us.

My plan is to add more Memoir books toward the end of the pile, as I alternate between memoir and fiction. Stay tuned for more books and reviews as time in my life allows….

Imagine the possibilities!