Focus On Movement

It’s been five weeks since my last blog post on wellness and striving for healthfulness.

Did I meet my goals?

Not all of them.

But I did lose another two pounds. And I have added a new fitness program to my routine.

The only thing I have not managed to do is to increase the time I spend walking, other than my early morning and late evening walks with my walking buddy, Sammie.

Before I continue, how you are doing? Were you able to meet any of your goals? Even if it was just a small one like drinking more water?

I hope whatever your successes (or not) that you feel more motivated to keep trying. That is what is most important – to keep trying.

I am really excited about my new fitness program I started about three weeks ago.

In addition to my morning calisthenics – which I do three to five times per week, I have started following along with a book by Hannah Setzer titled, “30 Days of Movement.” It is similar to books I tried in the past that focused on exercises specifically for arms, hips, thighs, etc. The difference between those books and Hannah’s book is the focus.

Hannah’s book made it to The Alamo.

Thirty Days of Movement focuses on movement – period. The exercises are simple ones. In the index, Hannah provides a photo of each exercise with a description on how to do each one.

Each day Hannah provides six to seven exercises to be done as one circuit or round, and then repeated three more times. Tip: I use two bookmarks to keep my place; one on the page, or day, I am on…and the other in the index at the exercise I am doing.

What I love best about Hannah’s book is how personable she is as she greets you in her opening paragraphs and throughout her book.

Like me, Hannah is a fitness enthusiast. She believes in intentional movement and enjoys cardio kickboxing, swinging with her kids, and more.

As I have embarked on Hannah’s movement plan, there are several things I have learned about myself. Two of which are:

One, I am in worse shape that I thought I was. Well, really, I have not ever been in great shape. But I am not in the poorest shape either. I am just not where I would like to be in being fit.

Two, after nine days of following Hannah’s book, I am stronger than I have been in several years.

Of course, it has taken me twenty-one days to get through nine days of fitness. But that is due to all the traveling back and forth between city and country lately.

The important thing is I am not giving up.

It is my goal to finish Hannah’s book…and to start again.

I hope to be more consistent, not missing as many days as I have this time around. And I hope to be better able to complete each round properly, all four circuits or rounds, and to do more repetitions of the exercises which I happen to find super easy.

So, what do I like about following Hannah’s book?

I like…

…the variety of exercises (as you know, I get bored easily).

…that there are detailed instructions on how to do each exercise.

…that each exercise can be modified depending on one’s fitness level.

…that I can follow along at my own pace. This really helps since my life is so crazy right now!

…that there is no extra equipment required. Even though the cover of Hannah’s book shows equipment, all the exercises can be completed without any. This now allows me to clear out (or pass on) the fitness equipment which I no longer use.

…Hannah’s positive, upbeat, and personable inspiring words. I love how motivating and encouraging she is as I go through each one of her workout routines. I like how it feels as though she is right here with me as I am working out, cheering me on to success.

If you are interested in Hannah’s book, just click this link to get your own copy. If you are serious about stepping up your movement and getting in better shape for that marathon, activities with your grandbabies, moving across the country, or whatever else is around the corner for you, this book will certainly help you meet your goal.

My walking companion (and writing buddy), Sammie.

Whether you get Hannah’s book or not, one of the things I try to practice for more movement when doing floor exercises is to get up off the mat in-between each exercise rather than bringing the book with me. I believe this helps with so many things: building flexibility, agility, muscle tone, and strength even.

By the time I write my next wellness blog, I should be much farther along in Hannah’s book and maybe even on my second time through it. I should also be walking at least thirty minutes on the weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). And much reduced on those sugary cokes. What is it they say? Don’t drink your calories??

Already, when I am in the country, I walk morning and evening with my pup, Sammie, and soak in those glorious first and last rays of sunlight. I still continue to do my callisthenic routine, stretching my neck, arm, back, and leg muscles. And I am monitoring my water intake.

What will you be doing in coming days to be more healthful? Will movement be on your list?

Remember, movement doesn’t have to be difficult. Movement can be anything you want it to be from morning and/or evening walks to yoga to dancing to walking while chatting on the phone to standing while folding laundry to walking in place during TV commercials to following along in Hannah Setzer’s book, “30 Days of Movement.”

As Hannah mentions in her book, she is not a fitness expert and encourages everyone to do only those exercises you physically feel comfortable doing. I have also said the same thing. Like Hannah, I believe in movement, but neither of us to the extent of injury. We are simply here to encourage others to move in whatever way is beneficial for each person.

Our bodies were made for movement. And to live a healthier life as we age (at any age), it is important to move in order to develop or maintain muscle tone, agility, flexibility, and stamina.

So, we are proponents of movement and change…for the healthfulness of our miraculous bodies. We are inspirers of movement for healthier bodies.

Whatever you choose to do in regard to movement in your life, just know that every day is a new day. If you have a bad day, take it off. I do. With all my food allergens and sensitivities, it is sometimes unavoidable. But just as soon as you are able, get back to it. I do.

I look forward to movement. And I know you can, too. When you find that one thing you love to move to, whether it is yoga, dance, interval training, or marathons, you will love movement as much as Hannah and I do.

Until next time, keep moving, keep loving, and keep smiling!

See you in October! And maybe, just maybe, I will do my movement routine…outdoors!!

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